This begins a look back at our 20+ year struggle to sell the property in Bothell WA. This collected evidence to support the truth, that we were being denied rights, rail- roaded into compliance with an agenda, experimental, that did not support facts. Also included in this for data is web page with documents following the course of our efforts. A comprehensive look at Zone 1 where it lies in the east most portion of the Fitzgerald Subarea LID using various angles of approach while defining important facts and features. Note that the subarea comprised of several hundred acres is outlined in red. Other than "Comments"/opinions, the purpose of this site is simply to inform with facts. Note - best viewed using desktop/laptop computers. HELP * Use your Backspace key/return function to revisit a map/page. * For desktop/laptop users - Place cursor over emboldened text, colored and/or underlined, for explanations.
A Bonney Map