Thanks to Bob Vick of Phoenix Development/Sundquist homes for forwarding this
concept that was developed after his participation in the mediation process and
subsequent hearings regarding Zone 1. Please note the markup citing features of
his concept and facts regarding the low lot yield and vast amounts of open space
to include features required by the new western Washington LID, low impact
deveopment code required by the 2016 Storm And Surface Water Manual.  
A concept using the available Zone 1 properties
Bob notes that the total value estimated to purchase these properties is a good
deal lower than previous offers prior to the last appeal to the Growth
Management Board. Both the lot yield represented here, as compared with Bruce
Blackburn's estimated yield of 102 lots using R 9600 zoning, and value to
individual property owners is reduced substantially, in fact, in dollars, about
a third less than in the recent past. 

Bob comments that the math does not work out for R 9600 zoning, thus the
preference, the work on this concept using R 7200. But the lot yield is low with
a great deal of open space provided so that there should be no fear of over
development whatsoever. 

The important features are the traffic ingress and egress east into the county
which alleviates loading it on to 35th S.E. plus a large amount of protection for
the environment. Of course this is a concept and it does guarantee that all of
the property owners will go along with it but this would represent a great first
development under the new LID and hopefully something that the city would
embrace with potential help to see it come to fruition. 

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