Property Owners Wishing To Sell

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Property Owners
IT NEEDS TO BE NOTED that all properties in Zone 1 for years were owner united
in wishing to sell and that we as a group advertised that fact, signed many
contracts but were of course refused the ability to move forward. In time Sharon
Dougan had to give up waiting and the Financial Recession forced a short sale.
Another owner gave up, Barker - Tackeberry, and finally, most recent, the Evans
sold out. Mike Phillips died. 

The new owners have taken exception to the Zone 1 property owners wanting to
sell as a group and have spent time using social media to describe us as greedy
using villainy, disparaging language that is disheartening - fact. We didn't
bring this upon ourselves. We were forced into this dilemma, a sorry state of
Limbo that has now run for 19 years.